How to Improve Memory and Remember Peoples’ Name

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In order to remember the name of a certain person, you need to add variation to an existing method that you use to recall information for an exam or to retain the telephone number of your mom. If you are really serious in getting on the top of remembering people’s name and also to improve your memory and increase your brain’s capacity to recall information, you can do the following methods:

1. Face Relation

This method is a slight variation of the Link Method. The Link Method is one of the most popular mnemonic that are employed in improving memory. You can use it by making simple relation between items in a roster or a list, combining them with a clear image containing a certain item. Taking the first picture, images a relation between it and the other object. Then you can move on through a list thinking each object with the next. A variation of this technique is very similar, combining items together with a significant story. The flow of the tale and the emphasis on the picture will give you clue for recalling needed information.

You can observe a person’s face but do not be very obvious that you need to stick your eyeball in front of that person’s face. You should look at a peculiar feature that would let that person stand out from the rest such as forehead, mouth, ears, hair, and waistline, chin or skin complexion. Create a relation with another person you know with a similar name. Also, it could be also related into a rhyme or imagery of the name with that person’s name or distinct character.

2. Rehearsal

This method is a slight variation of the Roman Room System of recalling information. This technique is also known as Method of Loci, which is an ancient yet effective way of recalling data where it is concretized.

To use this method, picture a room that you are familiar with such as a bedroom, office or kitchen, within these rooms are items. Relate images symbolizing the names you want to recall with the objects in that room, imaging a certain object and the related images.

This technique can be effective in helping a person to memorize names by going into a more specific detail and encoding data to remember what you need.

When you are being introduced, ask for that person’s name again. Use this name always and try to recall it over and over again. If it is comfortable with both of you, ask how he or she spell the name or you can also ask for a business card. You should remember that the more you hear or encounter the name, the more it will be recalled by your brain.

Alternatively, after your encounter with the person is over, you can recall the name in your mind for a few times. If you are definitely keen you might also write it down in your notes.

These methods in recalling names are definitely simple and obvious, but they are proven to be very effective. Association with pictures or strange words with a person’s name can be very beneficial. Repetition and association will help you a lot.

It is also important if you keep to practice, patience, and memory improvement employing different techniques.

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